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We work tirelessly to source the best quality produce Australia has to offer.

Top Quality Produce

About our produce

We’ve worked hard to source top quality ingredients from Australia’s artisan bakers, farmers and meat producers to create our gourmet burger range.

We use premium produce sourced fresh from the farm gates from Australian owned and operated micro-producers. Our certified free range pork is a rare Berkshire breed free to roam the paddocks 24/7, just like our free range chicken. Our beef is the best Australian Angus sourced from one of the world’s cleanest environments and fed on the cleanest natural grasses. All of our beef is also hormone, antibiotic and GMO free. Our Wagyu beef is sourced locally from the pristine pastures of East Gippsland. Originating from Japan, Wagyu beef is known for its intense marbling and unique, rich flavour.

There’s only one way to create our authentic New York Minute burger taste and that’s with the best produce Australia has to offer. Top quality produce deserves a top quality bun and that’s why each burger bun is baked fresh to a secret recipe every morning in one of Victoria’s oldest bake houses.

We hope you enjoy the best produce Australia has to offer, hand crafted into our traditional New York Burgers.