The New York Minute burger concept was borne of founder Antony Crowther’s goal of marrying local Australian produce with traditional New York style street cuisine. Today, New York Minute honours its beginnings by fixing a firm focus on providing the best quality burgers in Australia.
The very first New York Minute restaurant opened in Moonee Ponds after a huge renovation phase, transforming it from an old gelato cafe into the first New York Minute burger restaurant that would set the path for many more to follow.

NYM first started with an 8 seat inside 8 seat outside establishment on a little corner in Moonee Ponds with only passion and dedication to back it. Now, after only a few short years New York Minute has been recognised and transformed into Melbourne’s premier gourmet burger at value prices.

The New York Minute difference is that every member of our team, from wait staff to franchisee owners, knows and understands the local origins of every ingredient that goes into creating the food that we prepare. Sourcing bespoke local produce makes our burgers taste great, but it also ensures that New York Minute is supporting local producers and businesses.

In the increasingly corporatised and impersonal world of burger chains, Australian’s have voted with their feet, and supported New York Minute’s focus on premium local ingredients, and passion to create the best burger. And, it is that same dedication that is the cornerstone to the success of NYM.

First served up on the docks of New York in the 1800’s by German migrants as a quick and hearty reminder of home. Within just a few years, the burger became a New York staple. From street vendors to artisan burger houses, producing New York’s best burgers was a matter of pride.

Today, at New York Minute we prepare each of our burgers in line with traditional New York recipes and with the same pride.

We invite you to experience any one of our burgers for yourself, we think you’ll be impressed!

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